Re-elect First Selectwoman

Lynne Vanderslice

​Four years ago, I ran for first selectwoman, because I understood how the state's financial situation impacts Wilton.  I had a vision of how to insulate Wilton from the state's economic pressures by reducing the size and cost of government, growing the grand list and protecting our most valuable assets: our schools, our infrastructure, our natural environment and our wonderful quality of life.

Working with town personnel, the board of selectmen, and town boards and commissions, the results are: 

A smaller, more responsive and cost efficient town government that collaborates with the Board of Education to ensure the continued excellence of ours schools. 

Planning for and investments in Wilton Center to better integrate the Norwalk River and incentivize the type of residential development that allows residents to remain in Wilton, attracts new residents, and increases the vitality of Wilton Center.

Appropriate maintenance and enhancements to existing infrastructure and amenities.  

​Accomplishments of My Administration

More Efficient and Smaller Government-Smarter and Better Spending

  • 4-year average budget increase of .82%
  • Returned $3 million of unused budgeted funds
  • Reduced the size of town government by 6.5 full-time positions
  • Permanently eliminated almost $1 million in annual costs
  • Facilitated $400,000 in annual BOE savings through shared personnel, software and functions and new energy sources
  • Completed Miller Driscoll Renovation $6 million under budget and ahead of schedule
  • Strengthened the Town's balance sheet
  • Maintained Aaa bond rating
  • Reduced the cost of bonding through improved debt management
  • Reduced Fire Station 2 renovation from a planned $1+ million bonded project to a $250,000 to $300,000 repair & maintenance project
  • Implementing plan for 70% renewable energy sources with combined schools and town savings projected at $250,000

Thoughtful, Responsive and Transparent Management

  • Managed the replacement of more than six critical department/function head positions, recruiting individuals with broad skills sets, who were able to assume additional responsibilities and thus reduce overall staffing
  • Introduced ​SeeClickFix to expedite resolution of resident issues​
  • Temporary lighting regulation to allow for expanded field usage 
  • Reorganized DPW department to better meet resident expectations
  • Introduced road scanning ​to better evaluate and prioritize paving
  • Reexamined guide rail practices in response to resident concerns.  Outcome:  better practices, satisfied residents
  • Implemented Senior Discount Program and Prescription Discount Program
  • Initiated current changes to Senior Tax Relief Program to ensure qualify candidates receive the benefits to which they are entitled
  • Funded State Senior Tax Credit Program, when defunded by the State to allow residents to continue to benefit from the relief and remain in Wilton
  • Introduced  P&R Aftercare Program in response to rising demand​
  • Adopted the State Neighborhood Assistance Program, which resulted in donations to Wilton nonprofits
  • Summer concerts at Schencks to bring people to the Center and at Merwins for community building
  • Conducted a search for and engaged a new Town Counsel resulting in improved legal services

​Infrastructure and Environmental Improvements

  • Replaced crumb rubber infill turf fields with safer and more environmentally friendly coconut infill turf with concussion padding
  • Replaced WHS tennis courts with improved post-tension constructed courts
  • 50% increase in road miles paved per year
  • Solar installations on Miller Driscoll and Middlebrook and plans for more as school roofs are replaced
  • Clearing of invasives along the Norwalk River in Wilton Center to better integrate the river into the Center
  • Developing cost effective solutions for needed updates to municipal building
  • Planning for replacement of WHS track

Pragmatic Problem Solving

  • Successfully lead response to Aquarion water diversion application for Cannondale
  • Co-lead on the effort against forced school and school administration regionalization
  • Advocated for and worked with developers for appropriate development and historical preservation of key structures
  • Advocated for a more effective response from Eversource during the storm of 2018
  • Proposed solution to allow for funding of Alternative School for FY2020 with expected BOE savings of more than $250,000
  • Partnerships with Trout Unlimited to ensure the health of the Norwalk River for now and the future​​

Nonpartisan Consensus Building

  • Worked with community leaders to bring about a more positive and cohesive community environment
  • Adoption of Civility, Respect and Understanding Proclamation by the Board of Selectmen
  • Successfully advocated for the election of our unaffiliated Second Selectman Dave Clune
  • With Dave Clune and despite opposition from the two town party committees, ​fought for and achieved a reasonable pathway for unaffiliated or minor party residents to participate in town government 
  • Leadership position with the Western Connecticut Council of Governments, comprised of 18 surrounding municipalities
  • Increase in community wide events, including summer concerts​​
  • New town website to facilitate access
  • Lunches with Lynne and Walks with Lynne

Appropriate Development

  • Funding for Master Plan for Wilton Center and surrounding RT 7 area

  • Accelerated Plan of Conservation and Development due to the increase in development activity

  • Four years of commercial grand list growth with more in the pipeline

  • New Assisted Living Facility at RT 7 and Orems

  • ASML expansion

  • New mixed use development with needed empty nester housing at 300 Danbury Road

  • New mixed use development at 200 Danbury Road, with preservation of an historic home