Former Security Task Force Chair Terrie Schwartz & Former Parks and Recreation Chair Chris Giovino 

Wilton Neighbors Deserve Lynne Vanderslice, Best Person for First Selectwoman  (GMW, October 18, 2019)
To the Editor:

We submit this letter in support of Lynne Vanderslice for First Selectwoman. As it is relevant to this message, we are both registered voters in Wilton and represent different parties. However, our support is not based on partisan politics, but rather on Lynne’s beliefs, values and ideas for our community. Since her tenure on the Wilton Board of Finance and into her current term as first selectwoman, Lynne has demonstrated a deep understanding of Wilton’s community nuances, inner workings and finances.

Lynne promotes uncommon transparency and access to government, continually working toward community involvement, bringing accomplished private business/finance acumen to her job as first selectwoman. She has achieved sustainable measures contributing value and growth to Wilton.

Lynne has established critical and vital associations with many local and state officials, as well as with public-private partnerships, resulting in such projects as:  expansion of the Norwalk River Valley Trail, athletic fields’ turf replacements, and additions to the town tax base with newly participating commercial/corporate residents.

We’ve lived in Wilton since 1987, volunteered and served as chairpersons on both the Wilton Security Task Forceand Parks and Recreation Commission. We have seen town officials come and go. We believe that Lynne lives up to her potential. Our neighbors deserve the best person for this job and to have her leadership and initiatives continue.

The most effective way to have a voice in Wilton’s government is to set a reminder:  Vote on Election Day, Nov. 5, and cast a ballot for Lynne Vanderslice.

Terrie L. Schwartz
Christopher J. Giovino

Resident Charles Wessendorf

​Vanderslice has Experience and Skills to Manage  (GMW, October 11, 2019)

To the Editor:

Next month’s municipal election concerns who is best to manage Wilton’s town government most effectively. Lynne Vanderslice has demonstrated during her first term that she has the strategic management and controllership experience and skills to manage town government very competently.

Lynne has managed town government using a classic management by objective approach. She has laid out her objectives during her term and then has reported her progress against these objectives. A summary of her accomplishments during her first term is as follows:

Reduced growth in the cost of town operations
Increased efficiency within town government while maintaining services
Increased transparency and responsiveness of town government
Increased economic investment
Made environmental improvements
Prudently addressed town infrastructure with a focus on cost and debt management
Formed public-private partnerships to fund new and/or improved amenities
Eased the burden for Wilton’s retired population
Collaborated with the Board of Education to reduce their costs
Improved quality of life.

During Lynne’s second term, she will continue efforts to further streamline town government, including through shared services with other municipalities, promote prudent investment in infrastructure with an effort to minimize new debt and encourage appropriate economic development.

I urge you to join me in voting for Lynne Vanderslice for First Selectwoman.

Charles K. Wessendorf

Democrat Cynthia Ruffel

Democrat for Vanderslice (GMW, October 11, 2019)

To the Editor:

I am a registered Democrat and again, I will be voting for Lynne Vanderslice for First Selectwoman. Lynne has delivered on the vision she presented when she ran for office four years ago; reduced costs, shared employees and services with the schools, new commercial development, including empty nester housing options, and improvements to the area along the Norwalk River in Wilton Center so the river can be seen and become part of Center and the new chess tables can be enjoyed by all.

Lynne was in Hartford fighting for the independence of our schools, meeting with the Governor three times. Her tenacity resulted in Aquarion withdrawing their water diversion permit and progress is being made on the Norwalk River Valley Trail.

The loss of high paying jobs in the state has hurt home values, but under Lynne’s leadership town employees and the Board of Selectmen have been improving and safeguarding what makes Wilton unique, affordable and attractive to perspective home buyers.

Lynne has worked collaboratively with the Board of Education and its chair to help the schools save costs including the new alternative school program that allows children to remain in Wilton, rather than being sent out of state by the school district.

Keep this successful Board of Selectmen intact and return Lynne as First Selectwoman.

Cynthia Ruffel


Democrat Patricia Brandt

Democrat for Lynne Vanderslice  (GMW September 27, 2019)

To the Editor:

I am a Democrat voting for Lynne Vanderslice because she has been an outstanding First Selectwoman and I believe Wilton will thrive under her continued leadership. No other candidate can match her judgment, knowledge, pragmatism and accomplishments.  In addition Lynne is active on issues that matter to Wilton Democrats.

Lynne has spent half of her adult life fighting racism and inequity through A Better Chance, her Danbury program for low and moderate-income minority and immigrant children, and her mentoring and educational sponsorship of low-income students. As First Selectwoman, Lynne spoke out on racism and anti-Semitism and led the Board of Selectmen in adopting the Civility, Respect and Understanding Proclamation.

Lynne has been a champion on climate change and environmental issues. Under Lynne’s leadership, the town is on track for 70% renewable energy sources by 2021, defeated Aquarion’s water diversion plan and abandoned crumb rubber turf for the environmentally friendly coconut husk infill turf, which is cooler and safer for our children.

She actively fought school regionalization, meeting several times with the Governor. She was successful in his calling for the withdrawal of his proposal to force Wilton to share a superintendent.

Lynne has maintained the town’s budget, changed work processes allowing for reductions in town staff, while prioritizing spending in areas like road paving.

Vote for the best interest of Wilton. Join me in re-electing Lynne Vanderslice.

Patricia Brandt

Unaffiliated Resident Linda Casey Abou-Sabh

​Unaffiliated Voter for Vanderslice  (GMW, October 11, 2019)

To the Editor:

​I am an unaffiliated voter. I will again be voting for Lynne Vanderslice for First Selectwoman. Lynne has delivered on the vision she promised:  reduced costs, shared employees and services with the Board of Education, economic development, including diverse housing options and integrating the river into Wilton Center.

Loss of high paying jobs has hurt home values, yet Lynne’s leadership of town employees and the Board of Selectmen have meant improvements and safeguarding of what makes Wilton unique, affordable and attractive to perspective home buyers.

Keep this successful Board of Selectmen intact and return Lynne as First Selectwoman.

Linda Casey Abou-Sabh


Re-elect First Selectwoman

Lynne Vanderslice